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Innovation cities program

Be part of each cities innovation economy with our world leading program.

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The Innovation Cities™ Program was established 2006, with the first Innovation Cities Index published 2007. Being the leader to analytically understand city innovation and economic growth, 2thinknow have had 8 years to understand the process of city innovation.

Services of the Innovation Cities™ Program include City Benchmarking Data (separate site), annual global analyst reports, organise the Innovation Course for civic leaders or bundle services in a package.

As a private company, 2thinknow remain independent of government and politics, and offer a full range of services to grow your innovation economy and create economic freedom in your city. Clients range from the world’s leading management consultants, top universities like IESE, government bodies like NESTA, and cities from Bilbao to Seattle to to Medellin to Brisbane.

Visit our separate resource site > Innovation Cities™ Program site and City Benchmarking Data

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Designing business program

Innovation is a process that can be designed and repeated.

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Smart corporations embrace innovation for advantage. Innovation works in terms of products, systems, service and other types of innovation. Only 2thinknow have analysed historical innovation over 500 years and many locations, to create a robust model of innovation. This model allows you to design repeatable innovation as a process.

2thinknow teach our innovation models teams of business leaders in the Innovation Course™ for major banks and corporations from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Moscow to North America. We provide trained innovation consulting teams to handle your global innovation projects.

And for the latest data, our analysts provide specialized City Benchmarking Data for unique local market intelligence. Major corporations globally such as Samsung, BCG, Ernst & Young, and Ogilvy trust us with innovation data projects. Leading banks and companies trust us with innovation training.

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Government Versatile Innovation Program

Generate new ideas & design innovation for government.

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Many types of innovation can benefit government. These include network, process, system, cost and other innovation types. As a global leader, 2thinknow have worked with governments ranging from Mid-East to Russia to Asia, U.S., Latin America and Australia. Each is treated as a separate important client.

For government the first step is the Innovation Course™ tailored to your leadership group delivered stand alone or in a structured program aligned to your needs. This can be combined with custom consulting to deliver ideas, implementation and communication projects.

Uniquely 2thinknow also can provide original data and analyst insights on many locations globally, and have many services suitable for governments.

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Innovation Towns Programs

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Grow local innovation economy in your town.

Towns, villages and communities under 100,000 population can benefit from a suite of innovation services.

Your civic leadership group can attend the Innovation Course™ delivered in your town. Or, with 2thinknow’s assistance, your town can also benchmark its’ own performance and host a Local Innovation Forum™ event to inspire change.

Civic leadership can contact 2thinknow for a Proposal.

Joint venture program

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Corporate relations: Embrace innovation with a JV.

Innovation is the only response to today’s market demands for new and novelty. There are opportunities to embrace innovation as a core value. Improve your brands by project co-operation with innovation leader, 2thinknow.

2thinknow provide unique JV corporate opportunities to co-sponsor projects and grow your innovation brand globally. Whether it is creating new city indexes with media organizations, you sponsoring a 2thinknow data project or event series or working with you on projects to build innovation capability there are possibilities.

We will consider sponsor investment, product (trade) or publicity (media) collaborations.

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