The Age: impacts of housing unaffordability on innovation economy in Melbourne

Australian property prices are globally and artificially high, and offer low-value for home owners. The U.S. / U.K. correction did not happen in Australian cities, with many Australian homes offering lower value than central hubs such as Paris, London and Boston. This article in the Age newspaper (Melbourne), featuring 2thinknow data, was written by Chris Zappone, Business Day reporter (previously of CNN). > more

The 2010 top 100 city rankings for cities in the urban innovation economy

Innovation News

The Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2010 city rankings were released, with Boston in first place followed by Paris and Amsterdam. The largest classification of 289 cities, with 100 ranked, these are the world’s innovation economies — now in their 4th year. > more

A global city report: a new concept in urban research, launched today in Melbourne

This morning, in Melbourne, Australia a new concept in urban research a global city report, is being launched with a new website to take new ideas in urban planning and city management globally. > more