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City Benchmarking Data

Trusted data to shape global markets at a city level.

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Our City Benchmarking DataTM is the world’s leading benchmarking system for measuring city performance and innovation using both standard and custom indicators.

2thinknow provide 3 ways to access City Benchmarking Data.

Single City Data-set [SCD]

A complete view of one cities performance in detail. Includes all indicators with data, sources and benchmarks.Currently there are 162 indicators for one city.

Comparative City Data-set [CCD]

Compare selected cities on selected indicators. Includes data, sources and benchmarks.Select from 445 cities and from 162 indicators.

Custom Data

2thinknow analysts can design special data points and indicators based on your requirements. Available for all cities globally.

We have completed projects like this for corporations including BCG, Ogilvy, Samsung and city/state governments.

Data site at:


Innovation training course

Training to build your internal innovation capability.

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With all course variations, learn the team process for implementing innovation.

What you get in our Training:

Past attendees of the Innovation Course have become leaders in the innovation process in their organizations globally from the USA to Europe to Mid-East and Asia.

Innovation definition

Define Innovation

You will start with defining innovation. This is the first step of the innovation process to deliver your own ideas as innovations.

Innovation process model

Learn the Process

Learn our powerful, repeatable, shareable model of the innovation process for new products, processes and projects.

Innovation ideas

Select Ideas

Gather, select and evaluate your new ideas against your organization’s aims.

Innovation plan

Create a Plan

You will create a plan, to design your innovation process using our structured Innovation Development Life-Cycle™ process.

Innovation team fun

Have Team Fun

Live, feel and touch innovation, and share group projects with your colleagues and peers. Develop new products, processes and projects.

Innovation Case studies

See Case Studies

Only 2thinknow case-study led training gives you real industry examples which can be applied toyour organization and job

Innovation measure success

Measure Success

See examples how to design metrics, and measure the innovation as implemented in your organization.

Report innovation

Share Innovation

Learn how to communicate up, down, across and outside your organization to gain critical support.

Training Site at:

Analysis to understand the effects of innovation.

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2thinknow conduct global analysis of cities and identify key trends on how major economic and social events will affect cities and their industries. We include in our analysis probable scenarios over next decade for your organization based on your key urban markets.

At a city level, our analysis can project business conditions for investment and trade between locations in our hyper-connected world.

Our analysis is based on the structured approach to innovation of 2thinknow leading innovation models. Our analysis refers to simple-to-understand diagrams of the world according to our innovation models. Allowing you to present and share 2thinknow insights with your colleagues.

Previous 2thinknow analyst reports predicted the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 12 months ahead. At 2thinknow our analyst’s focus is to take a long term and contrarian view, thus being more accurate than short-term analysis or reporting.

2thinknow analysis contains new concepts to create products, service and process innovation within your organization. From our analysis you can expect a positive long term insights that you can implement.

Purchase our semi-annual report or contact us for custom analysis.

Innovation consultants

Outsource your innovation projects to 2thinknow.

We offer consulting teams across the innovation process:

Innovation ideas insight

Ideas & Insight

New ‘out of the box’ ideas inside and outside your organization.

Innovation future

Future Alignment

Ideas aligned to current trends in your key markets.

Innovation implementation


Move faster from approval to prototype to delivered innovation.

Innovation communication


Right strategies to communicate your successful innovation.

Available globally at these hourly rates. Simply contact us in confidence.

Innovation Strategy

Strategy to create outstanding results from innovation.

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2thinknow analysts develop bold and different strategies as a team.

We offer an alternative to the usual management consultants who embrace the same solutions, with repeated ideas.

Government, Cities & Towns: 2thinknow City Strategy works to develop and deliver locally tailored solutions to unemployment and economic inactivity in many cities. We believe in testing out new ideas and taking a fresh and innovative approach to long-standing problems. For cities we also offer city branding and city strategies.

Business: We assist business to create innovative products and services for market leadership. We also assist with cost and network innovation projects to support organizational change. 2thinknow approach can help people fulfil their potential through innovation.

Available globally at these rates. Simply contact us in confidence.


What you can expect from 2thinknow.

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Global Thinking

2thinknow has developed innovation services for global customers since 2006.

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All 2thinknow services offer a free proposal quotation to prospective customers*.

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